Fire, the element of passion, life giving, warming and also destroying. The tradition of burning fires at the end of winter goes back centuries. In Liestal near Basel in Switzerland during the time of Carnival people of all ages take part in the ‚Fire-run‘. They carry giant brooms on their shoulders made out of long hardwood logs, weighing anywhere from 20 to 100lb. With that load they run down the main street and through an old wooden city gate. Then there are also groups of 6 to 8 people who pull iron carts up to 8 feet tall, filled with the same dry wood, burning. They pull and drag these massive carts down the street. 

From time to time they have to stop and rest and then the flames shoot high up in the air and the people lining the streets to watch this spectacle think they are on fire themselves. It is a very old custom and visitors are always amazed to watch the Swiss, known for their restraint and calm, to crawl out of their so very controlled and orderly shell. My photos show the movement and the life of the occasion and the awesome beauty of fire itself. Artist Book printed on Archival Matte Paper, drum leaf bound with wooden cover. Presented in a wooden box with burlap lining as well as with image and text transfers.

54 pages, 7“ x 7“ Limited edition of six.