This book was bound using an Ethiopian style wooden Coptic binding as taught by Dan Essig. Materials used are wood, mica, hand made paper, leather and brass. 


The images placed under the mica were taken on a trip to Sicily, showing the temples of Agrigento and Selinunte. The texts in front of the book are Cantos from Dante Alighieri’s Divina Commedia “Inferno” and in back from his “Paradiso” in translations by H.W. Longfellow. 

The images on those pages are from Sandro Botticelli’s depiction of the Divina Commedia. 


The mica interior pages hold on their interior transfers of images and biographies of Dante, Botticelli and Longfellow.  The font used is Diogenes. 


5” x 3 1/2 “. 6 double mica pages, 128 pages of hand made paper with image transfers. 2011.